Imagine...your classroom is a studio and the children become illustrators for the day...

Visiting schools as a practising illustrator is an opportunity to share my experience and enthusiasm with children and teachers.

 The workshops are usually based on a specific book, so the day begins with storytelling. I'll then show how the book was 'born' - from my first marks on paper, initial sketches and, finally, the chance to see the original illustrations. It continues with the children working on a project and is a very hands-on experience for everyone involved, with an emphasis on drawing skills and the children's role, as illustrators, of telling a story through the pictures they create.


I love to get every child to realise they can draw, epecially those that say they can't!

Illustration crosses curriculum boundaries and the workshops are suitable for children of all ages and abilities, and also reach children who don't have English as a first language.

Any day is perfect for an illustration day, but the workshops can also bring a focus to events throughout the year - Book Weeks, Black History Month, Refugee Week, World Book Day, Chinese New Year - or can be an informative INSET day.



If you would like more information or would like to discuss a visit, please email or phone me.

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'Karin's workshops have truly inspired the imagination of our year 2 children...vivid places, people, animals, landscapes, objects...a story unfolds.' Sila Chawda, Primary School Teacher, London

'Karin Littlewood's workshops are a wonderful learning experience. The children were excited to meet a real live illustrator. They were spellbound as she took them through the process of illustrating The Colour of Home and they enthusiastically created their own illustrations. Karin has a way of interacting with children that encourages them to shine. All the schools she visited for Refugee Week spoke highly of her workshops.'
Maggie Scott, The Learning Trust, Hackney

'A fantastic day -I had no idea I had such a talented class! I learnt a lot and feel more confident about the delivery of art lessons.' Nicola Horsman , Primary School Teacher , London

'The children were engrossed and, months later, are still talking about their experience of being an illustrator.' Christina Cawtheray , Primary School Teacher , West Yorkshire

'Karin takes the children on a magical journey. She explains the whole process of illustrating a storybook using examples of her work. The children were thoroughly engaged and enjoyed an informative and enjoyable day with her.' Jacqueline Bruton-Simonds, Headteacher, London